1st Global Ownership Change

Acquisition of 1st Global, our Wealth Management Partner, by Blucora

Dear Valued Client,

Significant news from our wealth management partner, 1st Global, was released recently. The company entered into an agreement to be acquired by Blucora, Inc., a leading provider of technology enabled solutions to consumers, small businesses and tax professionals, and there are some important elements of this news we’d like you to know. First, there is no immediate impact to Reason Financial or to you, as this reflects a change in the ownership of 1st Global only. Second, they have been in communication with us and have explained the new ownership structure, and they have addressed our own questions about what this change will mean for you. Finally, we are confident in their strategic direction and the ongoing support they will provide to Reason Financial.

A little background. We began working with 1st Global in 1994 because they are the premier tax centric wealth management provider in the marketplace. The value they provide to Reason Financial is easy to qualify, they believe just as strongly as we do that proper tax planning is a pillar of sound financial planning. This would seem like a simple tenet to get behind, but unfortunately it is a rare characteristic in our profession.

The acquisition of 1st Global by Blucora, the team behind TaxAct and HD Vest, means we now have a stronger tax focus than ever before. Our sincerest belief is that this will pay dividends in the future by bringing the industry leading tax-centric broker wealth management provider underneath the umbrella of one of the preeminent tax technology providers in the country. The possibilities from bringing these two functions under one roof are endless. 

We want to assure you that 1st Global’s ownership change will have no impact on the service and support we provide to you, as well as the manner in which your accounts are handled. 

1st Global is legally required to send you notification of its ownership change, which means you must receive a letter in advance of the close of the ownership transition. Please note that there is absolutely NO ACTION REQUIRED from you.

This acquisition will not result in any changes to your investments, to any other products and services you receive, and you will continue to receive from Reason Financial the exceptional level of service and support you receive today.

You should have received this notification mailing and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Thank you for your trust.


Reason Financial

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