Being a Remote Employee – The Good the Bad and the Ugly

This is such an honor to be asked to share my thoughts about my experience as a remote employee. I know working remotely for many of us has been very difficult during this pandemic. For me, it has been life as usual. I’ve been doing this for over four years now. The Reason Financial team makes it easy, and the technology keeps you all fooled – I am often asked if I am in San Diego because I ‘sound so close’. I am glad my joy has not been an inconvenience to you. 

Let’s start with The Good.

I have a very short commute to my office over the garage. 

I feel proud that I have dramatically reduced my carbon footprint, and I don’t risk my life (or sanity) commuting from east county San Diego to the office anymore. Whew…the need for speed seems to be increasing in all areas as computers give us more time to relax – not. 

I manage my own work schedule. (Mostly… sometimes… ok, when possible.)

It’s a whole new dimension to being the ‘boss of me’.

I enjoy home-cooked lunches! 

‘Casa del Sharon’ always has something good on the menu. And Happy hour starts whenever I want. (The ‘boss of me’ makes sure this privilege is never abused.)

I have presumably lowered my future medical expenses.

My toes can, and do, stretch out and relax now that I have retired my high heels. I can only imagine how much I am saving in podiatrist expenses due to this life-transforming change. My financial advisor (you probably know him) is very pleased.

I have an emotional support dog.

Not that I thought, or was told, that I needed one – but Emmett, the humongous Golden, sleeps under my feet all day. I can’t say he is the best company in that posture, but his relaxed snoring is soothing, and his presence makes my soul happy. He never interrupts client phone calls or zoom meetings. 

I am treated like a VIP.

I have received ‘solo’ employee appreciation as a remote employee. I can’t always hop on an airplane to come down. I can’t describe my delight when I had a visit from my two employers to personally take me out for a ‘Thank you for the hard work’ day of fun. I missed the team, but I admit, I felt special.

I am out of sight but not out of mind.

Like getting tapped to write a little ditty for the newsletter. Or being asked by other team members how I would navigate a complex client services situation. Or when they are all wondering what a ‘Boomer’ would think…hum, I guess that’s not necessarily for the ‘bad’ section. 

Increased personal time every day.

What do I do all the time? What any grandma would do! Plot ways to see those grands and make sure when I am gone – they knew me. They won’t wonder what I was like or if I cared about them. They won’t wonder if I had a sense of humor, or what hobbies I enjoyed. They won’t wonder if they have any of my traits. (Talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly! Ha-ha.) 

The Bad. 

 (Imagine sitting in an Adirondack chair in the back yard on a quiet evening as the full moon rises behind the pine trees next to my home listening to the sound of crickets chirping.) Sorry…I haven’t experienced anything bad about being a remote employee yet. I get to indulge the introverted side of my nature. 

The Ugly.  

Seriously, I won’t post any photos of me on a non-zoom meeting day. I will just refer you to my glamour shot posted on

In closing this little ditty out, I must say, being a remote employee in this season of life and career has been wonderful. It is absolutely the Reason Financial culture that makes this a success. And it is absolutely the Reason clients that make it a joy!

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