Chasing Deadlines

In the world of tax accounting, adapting to new deadlines is part of the game. This year, we’ve been on a marathon, with the IRS setting a new finish line at November 16th for California storm victims (source: IRS Newsroom).

This recent change marks the third relay race of deadlines in 2022 alone, and it seems like we’re not just crunching numbers, but also crunching miles!

While our sprint towards compliance continues, we’re finding humor in envisioning ourselves as athletes, chasing down deadlines like they’re finish lines. It’s become our new form of cardio, keeping us on our toes and our minds agile.

In every sprint towards the deadline, rest assured, our commitment to precision and timeliness remains our guiding torch. As we adapt to these changing timelines, we’re here to ensure your tax planning and filing journey is smooth and compliant

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