Effective communication is what makes us different

As we enter the second part of the year many of us are now settled into our new normal. In these past few months, video conferencing technology has emerged as the unsung hero to keep us connected both professionally and personally. Zoom meetings have run the gamut of possibilities including everything from family reunions, art classes, wine tasting, game nights, and the day-to-day of distance learning and work from home. While we miss the in-person meetings, like many of you, we have adjusted our communication styles to whatever may best fit each situation.  

Here is where we have found the most success in the different ways we communicate. Everyone likes the delivery of financial and tax advice a little differently, and that is perfectly okay with us. 

A lot has changed this year, but our ability to communicate effectively with you is not one of them. 

We believe that effective communication is what makes us different. That said, if you haven’t seen the “Conference Call In Real Life” spoof, it is worth a chuckle. We look forward to speaking with you in whichever format it may be.  

Talk soon,  Team Reason  


Let us not forget the elegant simplicity of the “old-fashioned” telephone that allows for quick and effective communication. This continues to be the most popular way for us to speak with you. We never hesitate to take a call or reach out to you ourselves.  

Telephone technology is quite impressive these days with VOIP (Voice Over IP) technology. As a team we rated VOIP as the #1 must have to make us effective in the work-from-home new normal. It also provides us with data telling us just how often we are on the phone. 3,397 inbound/outbound telephone calls so far in July, that is a lot of phone time!  

Video Conference

For those that are more accustomed to coming into the office, we found that video conference is our best alternative to say hello. Not only is it fun to see you, we have also found the ability to share our screens to illustrate and highlight important concepts very helpful. Zoom continues to be our most popular platform, but we are adept at most other systems as well. 


Those of us always on the move appreciate an email. Sometimes, an email is short and sweet and other times it outlines our thoughts and shares our analysis.  Email only goes so far, however, and in some cases it is necessary to pick up that good ole telephone and say “hello”.  

Email communication provides us the ability to communicate quickly. We use this often when we have important updates to share about the financial markets or report on changes to the tax code. 


Yes, we still have a fax machine and this technology still works perfectly well, especially if we must communicate with the IRS. If you are looking to dust off your fax machine feel free to send us a note or a picture at (858) 483-7679.  


It takes a couple days with the USPS, but the mail continues to be an effective way to send copies of documents and forms that may require an original signature.  


Please call us if you are planning to drop something by the office. We are happy to meet you outside if your preference is to stay in the car. If you do walk in, please remember to use the hand sanitizer at the front and wear a face covering. And remember to refrain from knocking on the plexiglass barrier – Tanya is easily startled.  

In person

For now, this remains an unpopular option. We very much look forward to sharing a coffee or tea with you to meet and spread actual paper across our conference room table as we work together. We patiently await that day. In the meantime, let’s say hello via video conference.   

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