Ode to George Hornby: A Journey of Diverse Endeavors

In the huddle of life, you’ve played many roles, From Raiders’ cheers to managerial goals. With a heart full of passion for the game you adore, Your spirit embodied what it means to roar.

From managing cabs in New Jersey’s fleet, To ensuring each ride was timely and neat, You navigated challenges with wisdom and grace, Always determined, never losing the race.

The ocean depths once called your name, Aboard a nuclear submarine, your resolve became fame. Serving the Navy with honor and pride, Your bravery and skill never did hide.

From the depths of the sea to the land so broad, You owned an auto-repair shop where you were awed. Fixing engines, tuning cars with meticulous care, Every client left with a smile so rare.

Numbers and forms you then did embrace, Preparing taxes, ensuring no misplace. With patience and precision, you mastered the art, Helping many find a financial fresh start.

San Diego State proudly watched you grow, A scholar with dreams and a future to show. Your knowledge and drive were clear and bright, You turned every challenge into pure delight.

Now in your RV, you find new paths to tread, Exploring the country with no worries ahead. With each mile you drive, each sunset you see, You’re crafting new stories, as free as can be.

George, your journey is vast and grand, A tapestry woven by your own hand. As you retire, we honor your quest, A life well-lived, truly one of the best.

Here’s to your retirement, George! Enjoy every moment of your well-deserved adventures.

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