Summer Time is Here

Summer Time is Here
Risk Management by Sean Storck


Summer will always have a hold on my imagination. I am closing in on 20 summers since I left childhood behind, but I still hold dear the long days of pickup baseball games, fireflies, thunderstorms and mischief. Today, June 21st, is the official start to Summer 2017 and I want to highlight two of the most significant summer rituals in the Storck Household: Baseball and Sunscreen

We love baseball. Passionately. Cracking peanuts and stepping on the shells. Singing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame”. Eating hot dogs and cheering with the crowd. The 2016 baseball season brought a World Series win to the team I have loved since my childhood years spent watching Maddux, Ryno, Dawson, Dunston and Grace. The Cubs managed to lose for 108 years and they are losing again this year, but for one glorious season it all came together.

Nowadays, Susan and I head to Petco Park with four kids in tow to watch the Padres and partake in our favorite family date-night activity. We make the kids wait until at least the 6th inning before getting Mister Softee in hopes they will make it through 9. From the Padres Hall-of-Fame to the Park-in-the-Park to the replica USS Midway to the Western Metal Supply Building there is a lot to see and do. The team on the field is only so-so, but we will not be deterred from cheering on Will Myers and the rest of the gang. We love it.

Sunscreen we hate. Passionately. The slimy slathering of 6 pasty pale people with sunscreen in order to survive the UV onslaught of a day game is a real pain. Kids hate it. Parents hate it. But we hate sunburns more. For 12 years now we have been treating the sunscreen process like an assembly line. Arms then legs then shoulders/back and so on and so forth. We have the application of sunscreen down to a science.

The process of finding the right sunscreen, however, is anything but science. This brings me to sharing with you a link to the results of a Consumer Reports study on the best sunscreen brands.

There are expensive options and there are cheap options. What I am most happy about is that the brand we have found works best for us is on the list: Coppertone Water Babies SPF 50.

From our family to yours, get out there and relish the summer. We hope to see you at a game. If you forget your sunscreen, don’t worry, we have you covered.

Your Truly,

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