6 Quarantine Memes to Keep You Laughing

Humor in the face of challenges seems to one thing that defines us as humans. So, as our lives have been upended, two things have taken place: (1) we’ve found ourselves eternally grateful for those on the front lines helping us get through this pandemic and (2) we make memes.

Some of these memes have hit especially close to home during the crisis and we share a few of them with you here in hopes that you too will have at least a little chuckle at our current circumstances. 

The apocalypse brought out the best of all our collective fashion sense and survival skills:

Being a Chargers fan seems a lot like being the never-ending butt of a sad joke: 

On the plus side we have all figured out what it is we value in life above most everything else:

We find ourselves wondering if knowing the correct day of the week is as important as we originally thought it was:

Should this ever happen again, the importance of a good quarantine partner has become readily apparent:

And gag gifts can occasionally come in handy:

All joking aside, we sincerely hope you are finding creative ways to keep yourself smiling and entertained during this crazy time. 

We look forward to seeing you all on the other side of this, in person, and sharing stories of what kept us all entertained and amused. 

Warmest regards,

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