The Fun Resolutions

The calendar has turned over and I am sure we each reached saturation on making resolutions and hearing about other people’s resolutions. I do not want to bore you with what those of us at Reason Financial have decided are our personal goals in regards to the big three of fitness, food and financial.

We do want to take the time to share what we are calling our San Diego County Resolutions. The idea is that there is at least one activity in this beautiful county of ours which we have said we will do for years now, but have never done. That ends in 2019.

No longer will we fall prey to the same old thing when it comes to deciding what to do with our downtime. So here starts our list – The Reason Financial San Diego County 2019 Resolutions list.

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park – Usually out of town visitors are the impetus to get out to the Safari Park. Don’t let that continue to be the case, especially with their new exhibits.

The Ramona Wineries – We all know about our Temecula wineries, but Ramona is holding its own. Go off the beaten path and head out to the up and coming Ramona area.

Hike to Potato Chip Rock – One of the most photographed spots in San Diego County is the photogenic remainders of a massive granite outcropping making for a popular and enjoyable hike. This is a well-traveled hike up Mt. Woodson, so be prepared for a line when it is your turn to take a picture. Better yet, get there early and beat the crowds.

The Carlsbad Flower Fields – A friendly (and colorful) reminder that we live in an incredible geographic region where just about anything can grow in abundance. These fields are open from March 1st through May 12th, so you want to jump on this one early.

Hike low tide from La Jolla Shores to Torrey Pines State Beach – This is an ambitious undertaking providing a true San Diego beach experience. 

Three Sisters Waterfall hike – This east county hike to one of our local seasonal waterfalls has been called one of the premier waterfalls in Southern California, when it is flowing. Some research at the front end is required to make sure you understand the best time to head out there and to gauge the various challenges of the hike. There are some great videos online which prior hikers have made.

So there you have it. A smattering of the San Diego County Resolutions being made by Reason Financial staff. If you have decided that 2019 is finally the year you check something off your local activity bucket list, we would love to hear about. We also would not mind if you help hold us accountable the next time you talk to us and ask about which adventures we have tackled and taken off the list.

Cheers to a happy, prosperous and adventurous 2019!

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